I am currently working with a sibling group in foster care due to their parents’

Children's clothing, Target gift cards, or financial help to afford additional clothing for children. 1) Male, age 8, size is 8 in pants, a medium in shirts/undershirts size eight in underwear, 3 or 4 in shoes. 2) Male, age 5- he wears a size 5/6 in pants, small in shirt/t-shirts, small underwear,1 or 2 for shoes.

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Jeanne Kubes - jeanne@fishpartnernetwork.org

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What caused this need?

I am currently working with a sibling group in foster care due to their parents' drug use and homelessness. The children have high behavioral needs and have struggled to maintain their foster home placement due to their high needs. They are currently on their third foster home. This foster home is committed to working with them and sticking out the placement to prevent another move. It is difficult for the foster parent to afford new clothes for the children due to the cost of child care and other expenses of having multiple children placed in her home. Unfortunately foster care payments are not able to supplement all of these costs. Most of the clothes that the boys have are outworn or do not fit appropriately. The boys are in need of basics, like pants, long sleeve shirts, new underwear, and winter clothes/accessories.

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