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I am working with a father who is parenting his two young children and he is having trouble locating housing for his family. They are currently living with family members as a temporary solution. He has secured a housing voucher, has stable employment and income, but runs into barriers because of past criminal history (specifically domestic violence -strangulation convictions). These criminal charges are from 2016/2017 and he has not had any since this time. I am submitting this FISH request in hopes there is a community member who is also a landlord and would be willing to take a chance, talk to this client, and allow him to demonstrate his ability to be a successful renter.

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Samantha Goldman - sgoldman@co.scott.mn.us

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What caused this need?

I have permission from my client to share some of his story and he is willing to sign releases so more information can be gathered. He would also love the opportunity to speak to any potential landlords about his commitment and how he has changed over the years. Backstory: This father became a single parent with the sudden loss of his children's mother. The children entered foster care for a few months while the father demonstrated to our agency that he is a safe and stable parent. The children transitioned to their father's care in September and he is trying to provide stability for his children and housing is the last remaining piece. He has searched and reached out to multiple complexes and private landlords without success and is feeling defeated.

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