Her family size changed so she no longer needs the 3 bedroom and needs to downsi

I have a client moving from a 3 bedroom apartment to a 1 bedroom apartment. She needs to be moved out by Wednesday 1/15/14. She has been in the hospital and unable to do the packing and get prepared to make this move. She needs help with: PACKING UP HER CURRENT APARTMENT and MONEY$$$$ TO HELP PAYING FOR A MOVING COMPANY TO MOVE HER ITEMS TO THE NEW APARTMENT ON WEDNESDAY! I do not know exactly what movers will cost, but I have calls out and expect estimates soon. I am thinking it would be easiest to write checks to Scott County and then we will write one check to the moving company!If there is anybody that wants to actually do the moving for her that would be great too, but I know that is asking alot and finding volunteers to do that is very difficult!
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Kay DeKruif - kdekruif@co.scott.mn.us

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Her family size changed so she no longer needs the 3 bedroom and needs to downsize to a 1 bedroom. She doesn't have family to help her get ready to move or family to help her actually move her furniture!

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