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We have a resident in our Opportunity Home in Shakopee whose past is keeping him from moving forward. 6 months ago he was living in a homeless shelter and addicted to heroin. Since he moved in with us he has been restored in every aspect of the word. He is substance free and working through traumas that led him down that dark path. He is employed with us full time at of one of our restaurants and doing so well that he is up to be promoted to GM! He is also doing his part to serve the community he is a part of. Our hopeless drug addict has become a hope filled inspiration! He is on the path to being self sufficient and graduating the Allos program within the next 6 months. In order to graduate he needs to be able to move into independent living but he is unable to save any money towards this goal. He has $2,030 in tickets to pay off before he can get his license and a $680 reinstatement fee. These are the last obstacles from his past that are keeping him stuck. Our goal at Allos is to help people completely delete their past life of struggle and move forward with the opportunity and chance to live a new life. We will meet this goal and we appreciate any and all help we can get in the process. We do not give the money to the individuals. We closely monitor their renewal plan and use the money as incentive when milestones are achieved and maintained. We work a debt reduction plan with individuals where we make direct payments on their behalf. This individual has earned this debt reduction.

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