He would like to be more independent from his parents and gain skills to become

UPDATE: STILL LOOKING FOR A MENTOR FOR THIS YOUNG MAN. Really looking for someone to connect to this kiddo to help when he is feeling overwhelmed and needs someone to call other than crisis team for times he is not in crisis just struggling. I am currently working with an 18 year old senior in high school. He is in need of a mentor to meet once per week to work with him on learning and reinforcing independent living skills and social skills. His interests are electronics and caring for/playing with animals. He is kind and does well with tasks once he focuses on the task before him. He could utilize support from the mentor in his mental health and coping through difficult situations at school or home. The hope is this mentor can become a support over the coming months as he graduates and will become more independent from his parents home.

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Amanda Fraser - AFraser@co.scott.mn.us

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He would like to be more independent from his parents and gain skills to become employed, have his own car and live on his own. Currently, he is still in high school but would like to look to the near future to pursue more independence. A mentor would support him and help to guide him as he begins adulthood. The parents have felt overwhelmed at times with having to continue to support his social and emotional needs. The hope of securing a mentor for him would be to have another support person in his life to trust when he needs to talk and to gain the skills necessary to live independently.

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