Furnace and A/C Unit Needed

Furnace (Top Priority) and A/C Unit . The furnace itself costs $7,600 for a replacement or $3,600 for a repair to last through one winter.

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Submitted by:
Micayla Johnson - micayla@fostertogethermn.org

What caused this need?

We are working with a family in Savage who has had a very challenging year in 2023.. Their family has been in and out of court since February to obtain legal kinship of a family member. This was an unexpected, but necessary and urgent matter. The infant was in immediate danger. The biological parents have had a lengthy history in the court system, and it became an emergency that the infant be placed in their immediate care. After 6 months of court battles, and over $10,000 later, they were awarded kinship guardianship of the most amazing little one you could ever meet. Their hearts are blessed beyond measure. However, the money spent on attorney fees was to be used towards the purchase of a new HVAC unit in their home. The safety and well-being of the infant became a top priority. Now as they head into the winter months, they had their furnace inspected and it is very close to being what the HVAC Companies consider "red tagged." Several companies came out to inspect, and all said the same or similar. Their air conditioner also needs replacement, but the furnace is the top priority. They are a working family and hold multiple jobs. They are young, have biological children, and now have the expense of raising another child. They have a hard time asking for help, so this is outside of their norm.

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