Father was laid off from work for 2 months

I am working with a family of five. They have limited income at this time due to the father's recent layoff from work. The father has started working again and they were able to budget so as to stay up on all their bills and provide the eseesntials for the children. This family has experienced multiple traumatic events over the past two years and parents have been struggling to provide access to therapy for their children on a weekly basis. Scott County is temporarily assisting with transportation for therapy at this time due to parent's work schedules and need to increase household income. Currently three of the children have the opportunity to attend drivers education classes at their new school. Obtaining their licenses will increase the family's independence and allow them to access services as needed. The cost for the classes is $60.00 per child. The school is looking to offer a scholarship that would decrease family responsibilty to $35.00 per child with payment due by April 11th. Due to the limited income at this time the family is unable to afford this cost. The total amount needed is $105.00 to cover all three children. If anyone is able to help with any part of this request it would be a tremendous help to this family in meeting continued mental health needs.
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Peg Case - pcase@co.scott.mn.us

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Father was laid off from work for 2 months

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