Family is working through grief and loss of a sibling to cancer. Mom recently lo

UPDATE: RECEIVED MITTENS AND GLOVES - THANK YOU! STILL NEED OTHER ITEMS, ESPECIALLY YMCA MEMBERSHIP. Mittens and gloves for a 8 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. We are also looking for a size 7 boys snow pants. $10 gift cards to Holiday, Mcdonalds, Caribou coffee. $60 YMCA membership for the month of January. $60 for Febuary.
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Family is working through grief and loss of a sibling to cancer. Mom recently lost her father which is last support she had. The family is struggling due to the loss of these family members. Mom is unemployed however, works any job she can find. Most of these jobs are temporary jobs that don't last long. Mom is a strong support for her kids however is finding it hard to manage the household and her emotions to be strong. Mornings have been tough for the family getting up and off to school which has caused multiple tardies. We are looking for some incentivies to getting the kids to school on time. The family has identifed if they are to school everyday, a reward could be given. The family talked about their membership to the YMCA is a positive way to connect and heal as a family, however due to their current financial situation, they are not able to afford it. When the family could afford the YMCA, they went up to 4 times a week.

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