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Message from the Case Manager: I have a client who is 65 years old who lives alone in a pet-friendly apartment complex in Shakopee. She has a history of major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, and is getting lonelier as she ages. My client has done extensive research on the adoption process and has a plan for on-going financial support after she adopts her companion. With my client being on disability, she doesn’t have the adequate funds for the upfront cost, such as the adoption fee and purchasing the initial supplies needed like toys, food, or vet bills. Donations are being asked to assist my client with the initial cost for adoption of the emotional support animal which will provide support with her mental health and quality of life.

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Ashley Quandt - ashley.quandt@thomasalleninc.com

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Message from the Person: I am requesting help in adopting a dog to be an emotional support animal and be a life long companion. I have been thinking for a long time about this and im ready to make this commitment. I suffer from depression and i am getting lonely as i age, I am 65. This cost to adopt is more than i can come up with at once. The adoption fees are in the $400-$600 range generally. If I am approved, this would be the expected range of the adoption. These animals need to be rehomed as soon as possible so without the funds, I cannot seriously make a step towards the decision to adopt. Ive determined through research this annual vet costs will run approximately $260 a year wile dog is fairly young. Pet insurance covers illness and accident, implant microchip, tests and exrays, behavioral, hereditary and congenital, vet checks, dental, ears for $14.00 a month, if considered a good choice. I feel obedience training in some degree might be beneficial in certain situations. The cost can be $200-$1500 with the higher being private lessons over time. Grooming is approxiamtely $50-$100 a year. Food, treats, chew sticks and bones for the size I'm looking at would be $20 or less a month. Toys and leashes/collars approximately $55 a year. I live in an apartment building that allows dogs and cats, there is walking and grassy areas to pee. My income would allow about $100 a month for the maintenance of a dog. My life would be much richer, purposeful, happier. Please consider helping me with this. Thank you.

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