Electrial work needed in time to make Thanksgiving Dinner

**UPDATE: The family was able to come up with $790 down payment, $200 was contributed by JFO, so the remaining need is $590. Family is in need of 9 outlets and 1 switch. They are currently without a stove/oven due to the electrical problems. Electrician needs to be able to work on mobile homes. The estimate from the electrician is $1600 Checks can be made to Jose Perez, 936 Ashford Rd, Belle Plaine, MN 56011

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Submitted by:
Robin Whiteside - rwhiteside@isd717.org

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What caused this need?

In the summer of 2022 my husband survived a septic infection. He was hospitalized nearly a month and came home permanently unable to work. There were a lot of changes in day to day life, but we have made it work and although I cannot say that we are all healthy, what I can say is that we have remain joyful and hopeful for the future. Unfortunately, a year later on August 4, 2023 I came home to find my husband unresponsive in bed. It was another sepsis infection, and this time it also entered his spine. He was hospitalized for a month and came home with a port/PIC line where I give him daily infusions of antibiotics. As was last year, we remain full of joy and hope, but circumstances are difficult. We also have an elementary age child with a disability that requires extra hands-on care. My hands are very full, and any help you are able to provide so that we can get our electricity safe and up and running again would be greatly appreciated. Without electricity to the stove/oven, we have been relying on the microwave and air fryer, but my biggest wish is to have my oven available for Thanksgiving Day, which is a favorite tradition for our son.

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