Elderly female is struggling with health issues and has hoarding tendencies. Sh

Elderly female with physical limitations is looking for help unpacking and putting away belongings from move to new apartment since April 2016. She is also requesting help to organize / sort through / down size her two storage units, into one before winter is here.
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Submitted by:
Jeanne Kubes - jeanne@fishpartnernetwork.org

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What caused this need?

Elderly female is struggling with health issues and has hoarding tendencies. She has homemaking services through an agency, but this cannot be done by one person in a short time each week. Client is at risk for continued falls, and possibly an eviction if she does not get her apartment in order. She would like assistance from a team of people if available. She had to pay a lot of money to the moving company when moving from Prior Lake to Shakopee, and she could not afford anymore private pay services. Once things are in order the homemaking agency should have not problem with maintaining the apartment.

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