Disabled US Army Infantry Veteran needs car repair to supplement disability

A disabled veteran is working part-time cleaning, mowing grass and light handyman Chore duties to supplement his Social Security Disability payments. His ability to provide these needed services is in jeopardy due to a timing chain and four emission solenoids that need to be replaced on his 2008 Chevy Cobalt. All work done for this program is done at the senior's home, which involves extensive driving. Estimate is $1,500.00. He could fix it himself, but his apartment complex won't let anyone fix a vehicle in the parking lot. He became disabled in 2011 and is now trying to exist on only $1355.00 a month. He also needs a car to go to his medical appointments. His financial worker at the county said he could be eligible for a program called Medical Assistance for Employed People with Disabilities (MA-EPD) if he worked as much as his physical and mental impairments allow to qualify for MA, which will supplement his Medicare. He has suffered a heart attack, has depression, anxiety, kidney problems and PTSD. ANY help would be appreciated as he wants to work, earn some needed money and help fellow seniors in need. He is 62 years old.

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Terry Hassan - thassan@capagency.org

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What caused this need?

Is living in subsidized housing, receives SNAP and uses the local food shelf to supplement the $23.00 a month in food stamps. He would appreciate any help that he can get. Thank you for consideration for this need.

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