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Looking for financial assistance to continue with Tae Kwon Do classes for 10yo boy with Autism. Mom is looking for any help to continue with this recreational program for her son, as she is a single parent to two young children.

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I am working with a 10yo male client that struggles to find activities and hobbies that take him out of his comfort zone (specifically in the house, on the TV, or playing video games) and can be pretty rigid in thinking when offered suggestions for new things to try. Mom decided to have her son try two weeks of Tae Kwon Do classes at the local program, and now he can't get enough!! The client is currently in the Black Belt Club program, working to achieve his black belt. The instructor has commented that this client has improved and grown a lot since starting his trial period in early January. Mom is a single parent on a part-time income, and is raising her son as well as her young daughter on her own. She is looking to create the most positive and happy memories for her children, and works hard to make sure they aren't missing out. Mom was not aware of the expense of Tae Kwon Do, and is needing a little help. Need being requested would be anywhere from $200-$600, as this could pay for 1-3 months of Tae Kwon Do classes for her son, and allows her to save some money and budget for future month's programming.

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