Client was involved in a major car accident on 01/14/2014. He had stopped his

UPDATE: $110 DONATED - THANK YOU! CAN ANYONE ELSE HELP OUT THIS MAN INJURED WHILE HELPING SOMEONE ELSE? Any financial assistance would be appreciated. Even $5.00, $10.00 would really benefit him. He worked for years in construction and continued to give back to the communities where he lived. He served on a city council for a number of years and participated in many political campaigns. This was prior to his mental illness causing major issues for him which included an inability to work. He is on Social Security Disability and gets about $1100 per month. His rent is $898 per month. Because of his income and being on MA he has to spend $404 per month on a medical spend down. There is a court case involving the car insurance companies but nothing has been settled yet. It is a long drawn out situation.
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Client was involved in a major car accident on 01/14/2014. He had stopped his car to help out a fellow motorist who was involved in a car accident. He had the woman stay in his car while waiting for police. When the police were coming down the ramp, the client got out of his car and stood behind it. Another car that was traveling too fast for the conditions ended up hitting him and he was caught between the two cars. He spent the next three months in the hospital. He broke his pelvis, had a traumatic brain injury, broke both legs and ankles, his lung collapsed, etc. He is back in his trailer house at this time. Has continued to have major medical issues because of this and would benefit from receiving services in the home such as skilled nursing care, personal care assistance and activities of daily living assistance. The problem is that he barely has money left over after he pays his rent and is not able to meet the spend down but he desperately needs the service.

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