Cleaning out of depression and anxiety

Funds to secure vacuum and carpet shampooer and also open to any donated items in place of the funds for the items.

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Shandri Robinson -

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What caused this need?

This client has been battling depression and anxiety and agoraphobia, so she spends her life inside her apartment mostly. As we all are aware depression interferes with self-care and maintain your home. Well, this client was at such a low point that, the inability to complete such task as cleaning, the house caused her to receive an infraction to her lease due to the carpeting as she has a host of emotional support animals that contributed. The client has limited income and has no funds to pay a carpet cleaning service for a one- time cleaning. With a vacuum of her own and a shampooer of her own she would have the tools to motivate her to maintain her home and prevent further infractions that could lead to eviction. In addition to that people tend to feel better about themselves when their surroundings are clean and presentable and even is she can't do it herself, if the tools are there for someone to assist, she can avoid these infractions. Seeking funds to provide her with reasonable costing vacuum and carpet shampooer.

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