Brianna is a pregnant, single-mom with a pre-school child. She is working very

A used vehicle that is running or repairable without too much expense.
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Brianna is a pregnant, single-mom with a pre-school child. She is working very hard (with some success) in managing a mental health condition. She is in a long-term relationship, but they are not living together as of yet. She was in a motor vehicle accident 2 weeks ago and was not seriously injured. The car was "totaled" and her insurance did not cover a replacement vehicle. With no vehicle she has had to put her part-time work as a home health aide on hold (as she can't get to work). She is not on disability so she has no other income beyond food support. She is taking two college courses as she works at improving her situation, but she has struggled to find a way to class with no vehicle. She has to rely on friends and others to get to the grocery store. Because she is pregnant and has additional health needs she has many doctors appointments. The lack of a vehicle has really been a challenge for her. She does have an uncle who can repair cars. She has a small amount of money to apply toward fixing a car, but not enough to purchase. She has located a used car for approximately a $1000 but doesn't have enough to purchase. So if anyone had an old (repairable car) or if there were funds available they are very much needed and would be very appreciated.

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