Both clients are disabled and not able to move items because of this disability,

Two individuals are moving from their apartment in Shakopee, as their landlord would not renew their lease, into a trailer home in Shakopee. They are very excited about the opportunity to have a fresh start after many struggles they have faced in the past year with a heart surgery, nursing home stay, and numerous other strains on their health and their relationship. They have had help packing boxes but neither of them are able to drive to move the items from one place to the next, and they would need assistance with moving the heavier items (table, chairs, beds, etc.).They are willing to rent a truck, if needed, to help with this, but would need someone willing to drive it. If someone can help with any of these things, it would be immensely appreciated. Their move date is June 1st, we are hopeful that the new landlord will let them start earlier, but I will not know if that is the case until Tuesday, May 26th.
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Both clients are disabled and not able to move items because of this disability, and are unable to drive. Neither have been able to work for a long time due to their disabilities and do not have a great deal of income to put towards movers. Their landlord is not renewing their lease and they would like to be out to avoid an eviction.

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