Apple Mac Book needed right away!

Kali was raised by a single mother her father committed suicide. She was diagnosed with autism and is legally blind without glasses, she also has bipolar and mood disorder. Kali is a student at U of M studying film and photography and art design because she's always been into photography she loves photographing animals. Her dream is to get a photo in national geographic and even though legally blind her photos have been recognized by a couple professors at U of M.. She uses special adaptive equipment to help her see objects and color. Nothing stands in her way. She works with theater groups at U of mM and has filmed plays which includes editing audio and video. Kali was in the middle of editing the audio for a play and the screen went blank. She can borrow from the school 7 days and the clock started Tuesday. She took it to students in tech classes at the school and they said there is no saving it. The Mac book was given to her in 2016 by the state services for the blind. When she wanted to continue studying photography and film the state services for the blind could not support her wanting to stay in that field with her sight. Kali's mom always told her she could become anything she wanted to be so sure continued anyway. Kali social skills are limited, but she carries a Gpa of 3.9! Kali's mom pays the parent part of tuition what grants do not cover. She currently owes $5,330. Kali's mom works two jobs and can not cover for a Mac book at this time. It has to be mac book for features Kali uses in her studies. It can be used or refurbished. She has magnifyer to go over screen. Anything would be greatly appreciated to keep Kali successful in school.
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