A 64 year-old vet with terminal cancer is receiving supportive care at his daugh

A 64-year old, terminally ill vet and his immediate family are experiencing extreme financial distress due to mismanagment by an outside party of the vet's funds. Funds are needed for food, supplies, and gas money. The family is in need of cash or gift cards for CUB Foods, Target, and Quick Trip. ($200 in gift card for CUB and $100 for Target has been offered thus far). They have been shorted approximately $500 in funds in August and may not receive September's Social Security funds until October.
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Kevin Wineman - kwineman@co.scott.mn.us

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What caused this need?

A 64 year-old vet with terminal cancer is receiving supportive care at his daughter's home. His social security payments have been disrupted for two months due to apparent financial issues with the representative payee service that was supposed to be paying his bills and providing rent and personal needs money of around $500 a month. The funds appear to be lost or misappropriated, and it appears this money is unlikely to be recovered anytime soon if at all. This disruption in funds has been an extreme hardship for this already "struggling financially" family. The social security payments will resume in the coming months with a new rep payee.

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